Hillary Clinton left and David Raynor right
(image credit: patch.com, yournewswire.com)

In a recent report, FBI Agent David Raynor and his wife were found dead in their home in Crownsville, Maryland. His wife Donna Fisher was found with multiple stab wounds while Raynor had
both stab wounds and gunshot wound.

Neon Nettle reported:

"An FBI Special agent, who was anticipated to expose
the extent of Clinton and Obama malpractice and
corruption in the 'Operation Fast and Furious' Cover-up
before a US Federal Grand Jury, has been found dead at 
his home. The FBI official's wife was also found dead at
the scene with the couple both being murdered using the
52-year-old agent's gun. Special agent David Raynor was
stabbed multiple times and shot twice with his own weapon,
according to local media reports"

This is where it all gets fishy, the victims were found dead just one day before he 'David Raynor' was due to testify against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton before a US Federal Grand Jury. Could it be possible Hillary and Obama had a hand in their death? "Just a question anyway."

Neon Nettle also added:

"David Raynor was widely expected to testify that Hillary
Clinton acted illegally to protect Obama administration
crimes while covering up the Fast and Furious scandal."

In an attempt to cover-up what really happened, a police Lt. claims there is nothing in the investigation that turned up evidence indicating it's anything other than a domestic-related suicide.

Anne Arundel County Police Lt. Ryan Frashure had this to say:

"There is nothing in the investigation that turned up
evidence indicating it's anything other than a domestic
related suicide."

He also added:

"When our officers confronted [Raynor], he committed 
suicide in front of our officers. He was given verbal
commands to drop the weapon, and when officers 
were approaching him, he put the gun to his head," 


  1. Bulshit he was murdered by the fucking FBI give me a goddamn break this is such Bullshit!!! He was murdered cuz he knew too much Deep's State took him out and his fucking wife what cocksuckers

    1. Dont ya just love how ya cant share this on FB because its been reported as abusive. What a croc of fuckn shit. That bitch is a death trap.

  2. This is COVER UP COTY. with Clinton/Nobama rogue FBI group doing illegal things under statue of law, or worse, as in this case! Too many in trail of deaths now haunting Killtons! Of COURSE THEY ARE INVOLVED! The officers on scene should be relieved of duty until outside investigation can be done! This is a horrendous crime as i guarantee you this was out and out cover up murder of a couple with their lives ahead of them. These criminals only care about themselves.... INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION NOW!! ABSOLUTE BULL SH#%!!

  3. So the agent supposedly stabbed his wife and the stabbed himself and because his stab wounds didn't kill him he decided to shoot himself. It all sounds like BS to me. How many dead body coincidences does there need to be before people start realizing its MURDER and not suicide. The democrats and the democrat voters and the FBI and CIA are all murderers. It is fundamentally and mathematically impossible for there to be so many deaths of people who are getting ready to testify or has evidence to hang them to all be killing themselves. Get real people......

  4. How many people do you see give themselves deep stab wounds not one but 5 and six? Never you people need to get better story tellers lol this movie sucks

  5. Yeah that's like the guy that
    died from two gunshots to the head and the official report said it was suicide.
    OR The guy that died from drowning because he went swimming with more chain than he could carry.

    1. Or the man who "shot himself in the back of the head", and was determined to be a 'suicide', rather than provide evidence of the Clinton's dealings with the Blackwater Scandal. I'm not an expert in human movement mechanics, but is it even possible to shoot yourself in the back of the head (with a bullet path straight through to the forehead)??

  6. Total BS! Stinks of a coverup. TIC TOC

  7. Make america great again
    March 19th popcorn
    TRUMP JFK JR 2020

  8. So... This agent stabbed himself several times for no reason at all.. All he had to do was pull the trigger.. So why repeatedly keep stabbing himself instead while he waited for officials, just to shoot himself in the head? No logic. Where there's no logic there's no sanity.. or truth.

  9. This Appears Anything But An Domestic Suicide As The Official Line Goes And Warrants Further Extensive Investigation And Criminal Prosecution Should Follow If It Is Deemed Necessary With The Most Appropriate Sentence Available. Of Course Hell Must Freeze Over Before There Is Anything That Remotely Resembles Justice In This Country.


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