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BREAKING NEWS: Rod Rosenstein to be Impeached

House Republicans filed a resolution to impeach United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday, citing

FISA RELEASE: Trey Gowdy says Carter Page was 'more like Inspector Gadget than Jason Bourne

Rep. Trey Gowdy said that Carter Page, the former campaign adviser to Donald Trump, was more

SCANDAL ROCKS CIA: Christopher Sharpley resigns

The acting watchdog at the CIA, who has been accused of retaliating against whistleblowers, is resigning, the agency confirmed Friday. Reports in the media says that Christopher Sharpley, whose nomination for

TRUMP PUTIN SUMMIT FALLOUT- JEANINE PIRRO: "We need to find a Common ground".

Speaking on Fox Business, "Justice with Jeanine" host Jeanine Pirro expressed optimism on the political fallout from President Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Saying the United States need to find a common ground with Russia, this, according to her is