Ilhan Omar Faces Possible Federal And State Charges Over PERJURY And VIDEO REVELATION About Her Past Secrets

When the marriage and Immigration fraud allegations were brought against Ilhan Omar in 2016, all social media accounts belonging to Elmi were deleted and omar deleted all photos of Elmi on her Instagram account including the photo of her "next Elmi" in London from 2015.

Despite claiming that she has had no contact with Elmi since 2011, social media posts Proves that Omar and Elmi communicated long after that. Elmi is said to be a male relative to Omar possibly her brother and whom she got married to in 2009 and later divorced in 2017.

In 2016, as Omar was seeking a state House seat, AlphaNewsMN posted a screenshot of an Instagram post — since deleted — that was allegedly uploaded by Elmi on June 12, 2012, shortly after Omar gave birth to her third child. The caption of the photograph identified Elmi as holding the baby girl, calling her "nieces." To some, this suggested a sibling relationship.


  1. In Third World Countries you can bet this happens a lot. But here this is not allowed. I personally know two first cousins who got married and have a family.


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