Another Top Democrat Exposed In Damming Video Trying To Weaponize EL PASO Shooting

@TherightMelissa on Thursday tweeted a viral video of Beto, gleeing to the thought that the tragic mass shooting which took place on Saturday in ‘El paso Texas’ would bring him back to the spotlight.

“Watch as Beto couldn’t hold back his GLEE that there was a mass shootings that could get him back in the spot light. MSNBC host said today 'Do you think Beto May now make a come back' in light of the tragedy. These people are SICK.” She tweeted.

 Over the past several days, Beto ‘The Hypocrite’ has slammed the president, whom he has partially blamed for the massacre, pointing to his rhetoric about Hispanic immigrants that was echoed in the killer’s manifesto.

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  1. Della like one of these I would like one of these demon Democrats all the demons from heaven as it was an heaven so shall it be in Earth

  2. I think you're on the right track I think you're on the right track


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