How Over 900,000 Illegals Voted Democrats In Midterm - Judicial Watch

Nancy Pelosi 

BARBWIRE - Following the 2016 election, it was claimed that over 3 million non-citizens (including illegal aliens) voted in the election and that the majority of them voted Democrat.

When Trump tried to investigate the claims, he was constantly blocked at the state level and the investigation went nowhere. Now, Judicial Watch is claiming that at least 900,000 illegal aliens voted in the 2018 elections. [BARBWIRE]


  1. This is nothing short of treason!

  2. This SHIT has got to be dealt with and stopped! These so-called sanctuary cities are the most likely place for this ILLEGAL voting crap.

    1. I dont think some people realize how serious that is.Look at how they won and have done nothing but try to destroy a good president.If Hillary won then you know it would have been for that reason to.Most of her votes probably came from thier cheating.I was told that they had plans if she won to take out a lot of us Americans and kill us.There was millions of caskets and they was to be used for that purpose.I keep hearing things about the dems and it gets worse and worse.They are brain washing people to.I could set here and go through all kinds of things like how they had no respect for Kavanaughs court day and went right inside during the court questioning and screamed things out to be hauled off to jail and all the lieing accusers later brought in and the Kavanaugh family threatened and so many more crupt things like shooting up schools ,using a boy to do it in Florida and then starting all kinds of trouble over trying to take our guns.These dems are demons and Some rrpublican judge is going to have to start loading them off to jail in a hurry.There is plenty of evidence already to send some of them to prison

  3. Does this mean that since you all finally know how the democrats won that you will put in republican judges and tell them about this and get it stopped.I know one thing,If I had the money to do it ,I sure would get it stopped.Do you people in atthority realize that these dems have been doing a lot of this cheating and have also had democrats say that they are republicans just to get voted in on different things like Mueller .They tell me he is a republican and he is no more republican then the man in the moon.We will loose the election in 2020 if someone dont hurry and get control of this thing.The dems will sign the ballots and pretend it was someone else someway,somehow.I heard on facebook about someone said it was happening in thier state to and no one checked it out.You people dont realize how evil these democrats are and they seem to have no fear of doing evil and no respect either.Someone has to take this serious because if the dems win then they will have the U.S. destroyed snd China or another taking over us.They dont care.They lie on Trump all the time and make an ass out of thierselves

  4. Post ICE officers at every polling station to look at ID on election day.
    End of problem.

  5. Tom fitton should get medal of honor.


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