President Trump and Elijah Cummings

Seems the Democrats just got their hopes shattered after President Trump filed one massive lawsuit against House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings over financial records.

Trump says in the legal complaint that Democrats have “declared all-out political war” against him, with subpoenas as their “weapon of choice.”

President Donald Trump on Monday filed a lawsuit against House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings to block a subpoena of the president's financial records from an accounting firm, escalating tensions between the White House and congressional Democrats who are investigating his business empire.

CNBC - Last week, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed Mazars, an accounting firm that Trump had used to prepare several years of financial statements, according to the lawmakers’ document.
The subpoena requested a slew of financial documents and related materials from Trump, his trust, the Trump Organization, the Trump Corporation, Trump’s holdings company, the Trump Foundation and the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Mazars told the committee that it would not be able to comply with demands for those documents without a subpoena, according to Cummings.

Trump’s lawyers also argued that the Democrats are hoping to use the subpoena to for the sake of “exposure with the hope that it will turn up something that Democrats can use as a political tool against the president now and in the 2020 election.”

Cummings based his subpoena on testimony given from Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who has been convicted of lying to Congress.


  1. Put that cummings in prison.Why is this evil man still in atthority.He is not out to help America.The dems want to destroy America and that is really stupid because that means that thier grandchildren would have to grow up into a world of suffering and shame.Just like the guns that they want to take away from the Americans.That means that our enemies can come in and take over us because there is people who hate America and thier jealous of America and would love to see us destroyed.These dems are sick.Someone needs to make them leave the Country really.


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