Rod Rosenstein and President Trump

FOX NEWS - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who frequently found himself in the political crosshairs due to his role in the special counsel's Russia probe and whose departure has long been expected, submitted his resignation
on Monday to President Trump ending a tumultuous two years in which he tried to steady a rocky Justice Department and its relationship with the White House.

His resignation was expected; he had been saying for a long time that he planned to leave the department once Mueller's probe of Russian collusion and obstruction by the president was completed. Rosenstein will officially leave the Justice Department on May 11. Rosenstein's successor, deputy transportation secretary Jeffrey Rosen, is awaiting his Senate confirmation.

His departure ends a nearly two-year run defined by his appointment of a special counsel to investigate connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.


  1. It is about time. He should be held accountable for signing a FISA warrant request. He and Mueller are real close.

  2. What a loser, rat-faced, backstabbing, piece of filth, traitor. Hopefully I covered them all, but I'm sure others can add to my list of what real American Patriots think of this scumbag. I hope he gets his azz caught up and he goes down for trying to wear a wire on the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J Trump. How dare this little turd try this. Just because he got picked on and beat up for his lunch money, all the way through college, is no reason to try to take out the best thing this nation has had in at least my lifetime. In case you can't tell, I can't stand this viper wormfaced turd. I hope he gets a cell with Obongos husband, Big Mike, and his big swinging sausage.

    1. Lololololololll... they can both wear their Butt Plugs in Prison!

  3. The ones who helped stir the Russian shitpot now must lick their spoons.


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