Richard Neal, President Trump

In an attempt to destroy the Trump administration, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) on Saturday sent a second letter to the IRS in his push to obtain President Trump's tax returns.

According to the letter, US President Donald Trump's tax returns must be given to House Democrats by 23 April, a committee chair has said. Neal added that failure to comply with the new deadline would be interpreted as a denial of request.

Neal also stated that his committee is interested in the returns because it is considering legislative proposals and oversight relating to tax laws, including the extent to which the IRS enforces tax laws against a sitting president.

Seems the Democrats are hell bent on destroying President Trump and his administration in any way possible including the just concluded Mueller Trump-Russia probe that left a massive hole in the heart of the Democratic party.


  1. The Democrats should be going to prison for trying to overthrow the election and our sitting President..Treason!!!

    1. Yes they should.. And how can it be that they are seemingly doing NOTHING for America except try to overthrow a successful President? At which point does someone say no more investigations get back to work or be Impeached!! The Democratic’s are nothing but an embarrassment now to our Country & have been caught in Lie after lie. At what point do we as AMERICANS say enough is enough!!?

  2. The level of animosity and vengeance against President Trump is unprescedented in not only the Democratic party, but also the media. The democratic attempts to undue the 2016 election has left no doubt in anyone's mind the level of cordination with the what was the media. Now they're all democratic activists, hell bent on a constant state of doomsday day hysteria and outrage to which the people are clearly on overload.
    This latest stunt to acquire President Trumps taxes is clearly beyond the limits of the law , and needs to be opposed to the supreme court.
    The Democrats and the colluding media have attempted to start a war with Russia, divide our nation based on race and immigration and have been consistent in there attempts to undue the 2016 election, their desire is so overwhelming they simply can't stop themselves. They are as diseased as serial killers who have a compulsion to kill and cant stop until they're caught, well the Democrats and the media are caught, now what is the action that needs to be taken to shatter theee compulsion ?

  3. The career politicians are the ones who need there tax returns checked there the ones who are Nazi treasonous traitors to all patriots of our great country period !!!!!

  4. It's literally all they have. No new ideas, economic or infrastructure plans. Nothing. Just a smoke screen to obscure their lack of ideas.


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