Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi

FOX NEWS - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday that she's taken steps to ensure the safety of Rep. Ilhan Omar following President Trump’s tweet of a video that, according to critics, showed the Minnesota Democrat being dismissive of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The California Democrat also called on Trump to
take down the video. That same day, the video was no longer pinned to the top of Trump’s Twitter feed, although it was not clear whether it was because of Pelosi's request.

Trump’s video of Omar and 9/11 that Pelosi wants taken down:


  1. It was not Trump’s video. This was a public video taken when Rep. Omar was a kepnote speaker at a CAIR fundraiser. She was speaking to fellow Muslims suggesting it was the Muslim community that was the victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack because, “...some people did something,” causing the Muslim community to lose their civil liberties. She erroneously claimed CAIR was founded because of the loss of their civil liberties that were the result of the 9/11 disaster. Not once did she acknowledge it was an act of terrorism nor did she show any compassion for the over 3,000 innocent victims. In her eyes, the Muslim community was its only victim. The President was not wrong to show the American people the Rep. Omar’s lack of empathy for the deaths of 3,000 people at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

    1. Ms.Omar is responsible for her own words. Ms.Omar is spreading hate and disrespect of our country.

  2. When, Omar says, "When some people did something"! She puts intensity into the words & her shoulders rear back, as she is saying it, just like those terrorist Professors, of hers, during her college years, did!?

  3. If I were a Muslim & many of my people were committing terrorism in the Name of Islam, I would question my belief system & abandon it altogether!? Butt of course, they don't, because Islam is gonna take over the World, as "allah", the Devil says so!!! Butt, The LORD JESUS CHRIST WILL KICK ASS!!! HELL AWAITS!

  4. Omar is making up a crime on herself that does' not exist.


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