All Hell Broke Loose, Dem’s WORST NIGHTMARE, Limbaugh Drops SHOCKER Info. On Presidential Coup By Clintons Using Cohen

Congratulations to Michael Cohen, the first witness to testify before congress after being prepped to go to jail for lying to congress. Now that Cohen's testimony might be a useful weapon in taking down president Trump, the Democrats believe he is now a saint, telling the truth. Isn't it ironic?

On thursday, Dem. Rep. Carolyn Maloney of the district of New York in a CNN interview, said YES when asked if she believed the testimony of Micheal Cohen's.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dropping the shocker, said, Wednesday that Cohen's congressional hearing, is the "official unveiling of the Democrats’ impeachment process of President Trump," exposing the true connection between Cohen and Hillary Clinton.

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  1. COHEN IS A Liar PERIOD !!! It is Laughable at Best So Are the Dems !!!!


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