Tony Podesta (left), John Podesta (right)

Right after a corrupt federal judge "Emmet Sullivan" condemned and insulted General Mike Flynn for acting as an agent for a foreign government while he was still
serving in the White house, turns out Hillary's top guy John Podesta did same but was never prosecuted.

The Podesta brothers reportedly filed FARA forms recording their dirty deeds with foreign governments. The FARA turned in by the Podesta brothers notes that they were involved in working with foreign government in 2014, and at same time John Podesta was working for Barack Obama in the White house. That foreign government turned out to be Ukraine and Paul Manafort was indicted for working with t;his same Ukraine.

From The Gateway Pundit: "The Podesta Group dis-banned after the 2016 election.  The two brothers also reportedly filed FARA forms recording their dirty deeds with foreign governments in retrospect after the 2016 election.  General Flynn did the same thing for some work he did with Turkey (which the Podesta’s were apparently also involved in).  The General’s work was performed in mid 2016 until before the election while he was a private citizen but for some reason he, and not the Podesta brothers, is being attacked for these actions in US courts by the corrupt Mueller team.
General Flynn never represented a foreign entity while working in the White House in late January after being selected by President Trump to be a member of his team.  However, it appears that this is not the case with John Podesta."


  1. In this country the law is only enforced on some.
    Sad but true!

  2. Podesta is a lowlife pedophile creep. So is Biden. Hillary cares about no one on earth except herself and is a lifelong criminal. Obama is a Muslim backing scumbag who did all he could to hurt the United States.

  3. Well I do recall Muslim leaders, specifically Iran, saying that if they cannot destroy America from the outside, they will do it from the inside. Then along came Osama Bin Obama.

  4. demons all deepstate demons going down

  5. If there is a human being more creepy than Podesta I haven't seen them.


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