Trump's Move To Throw Hillary And Comey In Jail Just Got Hindered By Massive Offensive From Democrats

According to new reports, president Donald  Trump just took one step every right thinking American has been waiting for, the prosecution of then democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey only to be met by massive
offensive from democrats as they are trying their possible best to stop the president's order from going through.

The report states "White House Counsel by name Don McGhan warned President Trump that such a move could  lead to his impeachment, a former federal prosecutor by name Gene Rossi also said suggesting such by the President is enough to hold a criminal charge against him."

In a statement on MSNBC, Rossi said i could  draft an indictment  against the President of the United States on two accounts, "One would be his relationship with Micheal Cohen on the election fraud, and number two, i could draft a scheme in an attempt to obstruct justice against the President right now and Robert Mueller has the jurisdiction and the authority unless Matt Whitaker puts a quench over it...".

Brad Moss, a national security lawyer told Law&Crime that any attempt to prosecute Comey or Clinton could also be considered an "abuse of power".

Seems the democrats are trying everything in their power to prevent Hillary Clinton and James Comey from being prosecuted and sent to jail for their numerous crimes against the American people.


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