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Loud mouth Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader during a press conference  this week at El Paso, Texas let slip the one thing that no one expected to hear.

In a report, according to The Daily Caller, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi admitted during a televised press conference on Wednesday that
voting for Democrats gives more advantage to illegal immigrants to gain access across the United States Border.

In Nancy Pelosi's Words:

"We are not going to be able to get it done
under the Republican leadership in Congress.
We believe that we will have leverage when
we win in November. And why that's
important? Because it gives leverage to every
family, to every mom who courageously
brought her child across the desert to escape
death, raping, gang violence and the rest.
Because it gives hope, because of the leverage
it gives to families who may have fillowed -
dad may have gone home for a family funeral
and now can't come into the country. All of
those injustice have to be corrected."

Nancy Pelosi's Statement is a huge exaggeration because most of the people crossing the border do not have a pressing need to escape anything. They have simply come to America to take advantage of all we have to offer, advantages which are suppose to be reserved for the American people.

Remember the case of the crying little Honduran girl "Yanela" whom they claimed was separated from her family at the border, and which the left used a picture of the crying toddler to paint black the Trump administration over Trump's handling of immigration.
Yanela and her mum at the border
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It was later revealed that the photo was misleading and was used to raise millions of dollars for an open borders agenda. according to revelations by her father, it became known that they were not fleeing their home country to escape death, rape, gang violence or anything of the sort and that the little girl was never separated from her family. It was also revealed that Yanela's father has a good job in Honduras and was providing well for his family. Her father even spoke out to air out his frustration over the fact that his wife had exposed Yanela to such danger by taking their daughter on such a treacherous journey across border.

I guess Nancy Pelosi will hide her face in shame after knowing one of their greatest weapon used to paint the Trump administration black just got shattered.