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Here's a hard fact to throw Maxine Waters off balance "Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the bogus Russian dossier, that's one massive way of getting dirt on your political opponent. Hillary Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS, which worked hand in hand with James Comey and his fellow FBI cabals, along with fired DOJ attorneys who made
up the huge witch hunt against President Trump.

Maxine Waters ignored the hard facts on ground against Hillary Clinton, went on to celebrate Micheal Cohen's plea deal and using it as a weapon against Trump. Maxine Waters got fired up and went on a tweet rant posting:

"The high crimes are giving aid and classified
information to our enemies (Russia), abusing
the pardon, breaking campaign finance laws,
working with Russians to get dirt on political
opponents and coming soon from Special
Counsel Mueller, obstruction of justice."

Maxine Waters didn't end there, she went on tweeting:

"Cohen admitted Trump instructed him to 
break the law. If it's a crime for Cohen, it's
a crime for Trump. Debates about whether
you can indict a president do not excuse
Congress from its responsibility to impeach
Trump for treason, bribery or other high
crimes and misdemeanors."

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrel says the legal standard set by Micheal Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis, is false because Trump paying off anyone with his personal fund is not breaking campaign laws. Candidates and high profiled people do it all the time.

Farrel said on Fox News:

"Lanny Davis is the spinmaster for the
Clintons, and he can't name the
so-called crime his client has commited,
that's because there is no crime."

Maxine Waters received some serious backlash from Trump supporters in response to her insane tweet about Trump. See response Maxine Waters got:

Reply from "Old Conservative"

“If anyone should be removed from office
it is you! There is nothing on which to 
impeach Trump but plenty to impeach and
convict Obama! You should be investigated
for your illegal operations!”

Reply from "Tom W"

“There is no evidence of any crimes at all
personally involving the President. The only
collusion with Russia was Clinton, the DNC
and the Democrats. You too appear to be 
a part of the Coup against a duly elected 
President. It’s time for you to retire and to
get out of the Swamp.”

Reply from "Don Roos"

“The most disrespected failure in California
History. A racist, lying, cheating, criminal
who happens to not be impeached yet,
Maxinuts Waters..California’s embarrassment.”