president Trump left, John Brennan right
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In a recent interview on MSNBC, former Director of CIA John Brennan states his fear over president Trumps's move to declassify documents in the ongoing Russian collusion investigation. John Brennan just like most other democrats are calling this move 'a way to
undermine the Mueller investigation'.

According to president Trump, declassifying these documents will expose really bad things at the FBI. Devin Nunes also said in Politico "you're going to be frightened by what you see".

This shows how guilty the so called democratic party is to be taking a stand in opposing the declassification of these documents. Then here comes the big question "what are they scared of, what crime have they committed that is so bad they don't want the American people to know about."

John Brennan in his statement during the interview:

"I am concerned as James Comey
is about exposing intelligence 
sources and methods as well as
doing anything that might compromise
an ongoing criminal investigation."

Brennan went on to say:

"It seems as though the White House
and the Republicans are being very
selective in what it is they put out."

John Brennan went on to say he hopes the officials in position of authority and with access to president Trump will explain to him and talk him out of declassifying the documents.

From all what Brennan said in the interview, it is clear that the democrats biggest fear is "declassifying the documents would prevent individuals from cooperating with law enforcement in the future out of fear that their identities and information they share could be compromised."