John Podesta left, President Trump middle and Hillary Clinton right
During a recent visit to Germany, President Trump lured John Podesta into revealing the massive secrets he had all along with him. President Trump brilliantly baited John Podesta on
the matter, tweeting:

"Everyone here is talking about
why John Podesta refused to give
the DNC server to the FBI and
the CIA. Disgraceful!"

Out of annoyance John Podesta replied in a tweet admitting "that his emails were so harmful to Hillary Clinton that it cost her the election, also stating that the Russians committed a crime why they stole my emails to help get you elected President."

This reply was also part of a series of tweets were John Podesta attempted to insult President Trump but unknowingly admitted publicly that the emails published by Wikileaks came from his private account. Podesta also admitted that he was the cause for Hillary's 2016 election loss.

Judging from what John Podesta admitted to in his tweet reply to President Trump, it shows that the emails leaked by Wikileaks are authentic.

According to USA Today:

"John Podesta emails leaks revealed
that former chair of the DNC and 
CNN contributor Donna Brazile
abused her privileged position and
leaked debate questions to then 
Democratic presidential nominee
Hillary Clinton."

This proved right the concerns of many Trump supporters that CNN was biased towards Democrats while also casting doubts on the integrity of the Democrats primary process (in other words, Hillary Clinton cheated from the bottom all through to the top).

To conclude, John Podesta just ended the long term debate over the authenticity and source of the hacked emails by admitting the emails were from his private account.