Bob Mueller to be fired in 2018

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Congressman Matt Gaetz has called on Jeff Sessions to get involved and fire Bob Mueller going into 2018.
Rep. Matt Gaetz has repeated his call for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be removed and for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get involved in the Russia investigation.
Speaking to Ed Henry on "Fox News @ Night" Tuesday, the
first-term Florida Republican said Sessions is a "spectator" at this point after recusing himself from all matters related to the Russia probe.
Sessions' deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointed Mueller to look into Russian interference in the presidential election after the firing of FBI Director James Comey.
The protracted Russia probe has, instead of providing evidence of collusion in the Trump campaign, exposed connections between Hillary Clinton and the FBI as well as the FBI's plot to sabotage President Trump's run as a candidate back in 2016. there have been several calls for special investigation into the FBI and DOJ for the well documented bias in the Robert Mueller's team looking for evidence in the Russia collusion scandal.

"If Bob Mueller were any more biased, we'd have to give him credentials for the mainstream media. ... I've been calling for Mueller to be fired for months now," Gaetz said.
"[The problem is] we've got an attorney general who is a spectator, rather than the leader of the Department of Justice and that undermines our democracy," he added.
"There's no legal requirement for him to have recused himself in this matter. He needs to step up, be the attorney general, fire Mueller and appoint a second special counsel to evaluate the Clinton Foundation."

The interview with Rep Matt Gaetz further highlights the lack of trust in the department of justice and the FBI in particular, which prompted former Congressman Jason Chaffetz to call on Jeff Sessions to perform his duties or step aside.

Just how long do you think this will go on???